Leadership Seeing Describing and Pursuing What is Possible

Leadership: Seeing, Describing and Pursuing What’s Possible

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Greg L. Thomas

Respected consultant, educator and author, Paul Thornton has a positive and stirring question he has asked throughout his career. “Am I helping individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their best performance?”

He continues, “That’s what leaders do. They help people become more and achieve more than they ever thought possible”. This reoccurring question, along with 20 years of experience has guided Thornton to write his latest book, Leadership (Seeing, Describing, and Pursuing What’s Possible).

Composed of 17 short chapters, Leadership is a quick read and an interesting collection of leadership discoveries and observations by Thornton. This relevant and absorbing information is organized very well. The first 4 chapters lay the foundation for the entire book. Chapter 1 begins by offering a broad yet helpful definition of what leadership is. Like building blocks, the following chapters include a discussion of leadership context, desire, values and beliefs. Later chapters include Thornton’s guidance on existing Leadership models, leading organizational change, and leadership development. Each chapter concludes with a summary and the book concludes with a number of brief leadership case studies.

A major strength of Leadership is its ability to provide essential and basic leadership knowledge in a writing style that is easy to read and comprehend. Even though the author is a full-time college professor, he does not write like many academics who seem to be more interested in demonstrating their large vocabulary rather than imparting useful information to the reader.

If you desire to read a book about the real power of leadership in an effective way that “gets to the point”, Leadership needs to be on your bookshelf.


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weLEAD rating – highly recommended

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