Write an Article for weLEAD

Many of the articles written for weLEAD Online Magazine are by the editor’s special request from leadership professionals. However, if you would like to write and submit an article for possible publication in the magazine, here are the following guidelines and requirements.

weLEAD Online Magazine is intended to be a publication that appeals to a broad audience. Most of the articles submitted should focus on organizational leadership, self-improvement or leadership development skills involved in working with groups and teams. Articles should be written in conversational magazine format and may include opinions and suggestions.

Here’s How to Submit an Article

Submitting an article is easy but you must follow the important steps below. Since followership is an important quality in great leaders, we know you will appreciate these necessary guidelines!

1. Write a well-constructed article for weLEAD Online Magazine. A leadership magazine article should be conversational and informative in style and may include references from respected leaders. The article should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words. Some exceptions are allowed regarding length. Remember that our focus is leadership education. Any attempt to advertise or subtly promote a product or service will be immediately rejected. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME SUBMITTING AN ADVERTISEMENT OR PROMOTION CLOAKED AS AN EDUCATIONAL ARTICLE.

2. Since this is an educational website for leaders all articles submitted are expected to reflect positive and constructive values. Your article should reflect critical and higher-level thinking. We will not accept any articles that present a sectarian religious or political viewpoint. We will also not accept articles that promote racial, ethnic, or gender bigotry. No links will be allowed within the article that advertises or subtly promote a product or service.

3. Please thoroughly proofread your leadership article. This should include using a spell checker and grammar checker. The editorial staff will do some minor editing when necessary but any major editing required will be returned to the author for rework or rejected.

4. Either fill out the form below or email your leadership article to editor@leadingtoday.org as an attachment. Please send your attachment as either an MS Word, or RTF (Rich Text Format) document.

5. The weLEAD editorial staff will review your leadership education article and will notify you within 60 days of its acceptance, need for rework or rejection. All decisions regarding suitability for publication are exclusively reserved for the weLEAD editorial staff. All decisions made by the editorial staff are final.

6. Upon acceptance of your leadership article, you will be asked to provide us with a very brief biography of your educational background, vocational skills, or your personal interests as a leader. As an option, you may also include your email address or website location in your biography.

7. weLEAD is a small educational charity and nonprofit organization. We do not pay for any leadership or educational material submitted and we will Copyright© your article with no legal or financial obligation to you.

Submit an Article for Publication

Include a brief biography of your educational background, vocational skills, or your personal interests as a leader. As an option you may also include an email or web address in your biography.
Max. file size: 32 MB.
Upload your article in MS Word or RTF (rich text format).