About Us

weLEAD is an acronym for web enhanced Leadership Education and Development.


It was founded in the fall of 2001 by Greg L Thomas upon completion of his master’s degree in Leadership at Bellevue University. During the course of his studies Greg found it difficult to find free quality leadership information on the Internet. Upon graduation, he decided to start a charity to promote the development of leadership skills to a worldwide audience and offer educational information and materials no cost. weLEAD was started with an initial investment of $250.00 US.


In March of 2002 Dr. Howard Baker became the first editor of our academic online E-Journal of Organizational Learning and Leadership.


Incorporated in the state of Ohio, weLEAD has IRS 501(3)(c) tax exemption status.


What you will discover at this site is truly a labor of love. No one has ever received compensation or gratuities for their work at weLEAD including its founder. Hundreds of authors have contributed leadership articles, book reviews and other talents to make this work possible. All donations and contributions are directed directly into expanding our services.

About Us
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  • "In a word, awesome!

    I have been reading the monthly Leadership Tips since November 2001 and the emergence of the new site [weLEAD In Learning] provides so much great information. I equate it to spending quality time with some of the greatest minds in Business/Leadership circles. There is clearly something for everyone.

    Thanks so much!"