Leadership in Organizations, 4th Edition - Book Review

Leadership in Organizations, 4th Edition – Book Review

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Greg L. Thomas

Author Gary Yukl uses his expertise and credibility to write an outstanding book focusing on managerial leadership rather than social or parliamentary leadership. He attempts to include information on both the theory and practice of leadership in modern organizations.

This valuable text also includes many recommendations and guidelines for improving the effectiveness of managers and leaders. Leadership in Organizations includes a number of cases in an attempt to help the reader understand real world organizational problems and applications. This is a book that is primarily written and mostly reads like a college text book and is indeed used by a number of universities in their managerial or leadership programs. However, it is easy to read and does an excellent job of including the most informative and relative literature, studies and theories available today.

Gary Yukl has written perhaps the most comprehensive work ever covering virtually every aspect of modern organizational leadership. It can rightly be considered the students “bible” for the study of modern leadership principles and theories. It is highly recommended for anyone interested in the study or organizational leadership, leading teams, leading change or studying follower-based approaches toward leadership.

Leadership in Organizations, 4th Edition,

Prentice Hall, 1998 (564 Pages in hardbound)

Author Gary Yukl

ISBN 0-13-897521-3

weLEAD rating highly recommended

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