8 Traits of Effective Leaders (Powerpoint Presentation) Greg L. Thomas | Category: Other

Attached is part of a PowerPoint presentation presented by
weLEAD during a recent seminar in Akron, Ohio
This portion of the seminar program focused on 8 Traits of Effective
Leaders and some recommendations for leadership self-discovery.


It is  provided in both PowerPoint and Rich Text format.


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and "right clicking" your mouse. Chose the menu option "save target as"
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the "save" radio button and in a minute the file will be saved on your hard
drive for later viewing. Two different files are available below. One is a
PowerPoint file You will obviously need Microsoft PowerPoint to see the
program. The other file is the basic text Outline to the program in Rich
Text Format (RTF) and can be seen in most word processors.


8 Traits of Effective Leaders (RTF)

8 Traits of Effective Leaders-Powerpoint presentation (PPT)