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8 Traits of Effective Leaders (Powerpoint Presentation)

Attached is part of a PowerPoint presentation presented byweLEAD during a recent seminar in Akron, OhioThis portion of the seminar program focused on 8 Traits of EffectiveLeaders and some recommendations for leadership self-discovery.   It is  provided in both PowerPoint and Rich Text format.   You may download the files fo

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Certain Trumpets - The Call of Leaders - Book Review

  Author Garry Wills has a keen sense of the importance of followers to leadership. In the introduction to the book he states plainly “The leader most needs followers”. He goes on to explain that in reality followers “have a say” in what they are led toward! The theme of Certain Trumpets is that a successful le

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Enlightened Leadership - Getting to the Heart of Change - Book Review

Ed Oakly and Doug Krug provide an understandable and clear definition of what they term "Enlightened Leadership." This type of leadership approach attempts to deal with real underlying problems within organizations rather than their symptoms. It is founded on an approach that leaders must first or concurrently deal with the "mindset" or spirit of their

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Leadership in Organizations, 4th Edition - Book Review

Author Gary Yukl uses his expertise and credibility to write an outstanding book focusing on managerial leadership rather than social or parliamentary leadership. He attempts to include information on both the theory and practice of leadership in modern organizations. This valuable text also includes many recommendations and guidelines for im

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Leadership Unbound: A Primer for Leaders and Entrepreneurs - Book Review

  Leadership Unbound is a unusual book because of its format and the diversity of its two authors. Larry Corbett is a pastor and religious leader with experience serving in 6 congregations. His experience working in a nonprofit organization gives him a distinctive perspective of leadership. Jerre Stead

Authors Lawrence W. Corbett and Jerre L. Stead Book Review Other

Leading Change - Book Review

Leading Change- Overcoming the Ideology of Comfort and the Tyranny of CustomJossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1995 (282 pages in hardback)Author James O’TooleISBN 1-55542-608-5   Author James O’Toole is definitely not afraid of creating controversy. His book is a refreshing approach to leadership in many ways. Stylistically and ph

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NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success - Book Review

In the forward of this book Tom Peters says, “If you take time to read only one business book this year, I strongly encourage you to read NUTS!”  We wholeheartedly agree! Between the covers of this entertaining book Kevin and Jackie Freiberg have captured the essence of the “Southwest Spirit” that has

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The Baron Son - Book Review

  The Baron Son, authored by Vicky Therese Davis, William R. Patterson & D. Marques Patton, is a book written by three innovative entrepreneurs who have surely approached the teaching of leadership and business achievement from an exceptiona

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The Future of Leadership - Book Review

The Future of Leadership-A Book Review Today's Top Leadership Thinkers Speak to Tomorrow's Leaders Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 2001, (316 pages in hardback) Edited by Warren Bennis, Thomas Cummings, and Gretchen Spreitzer ISBN 0787955671   This interesting work is a collection of essays by s

Charles Handy, James O’Toole, Thomas Stewart, Tom Peters, Barry Posner and James Kouzes Book Review Other
aug 2005 editorial

WeLEAD Editorial: Are the Most Effective Mentors Oddballs?

  Peter Senge, MIT professor and author of The Fifth Discipline, said:  “No one in the past 30 years has had a more profound impact on thinking about leadership than Robert Greenleaf.”   Robert Greenleaf, author of the classic series of essays on the theme “the servant as leader,” was a powerful advocate of mentoring.  In The Power of Servant Lead

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