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8 Traits of Effective Leaders and Leadership Self-discovery

1.  High energy level and stress tolerance. These traits help the leader to cope with the hectic pace, long hours and constant unrelenting demands of others. Effective problem solving requires the ability to be calm and focused rather than one of panicking, denial or fault-finding.   2. Self-confidence This is not vanity. It is

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Are You a Battery Charger?

When we drain power from a car battery it runs down. If we do this long enough, the battery will eventually become totally dead. In physics we call this “entropy”, which means that anything left to itself will eventually disintegrate until it reaches its most elemental form. Entropy happens when there is neglect. Neglect your body, and you will deteriorate. Neglect your

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I Want Your Resignations!

Have you ever been asked to resign from a position? Usually by the time an employee or worker is asked to tender a resignation it means that those in authority have given up on trying to maintain a beneficial working relationship with that person. Management has abandoned all hope in the relationship. When asked to resign, an individual’s typical response is either to submit an oral or writte

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Is Servant Leadership Part of Your Worldview?

Leadership is about the way you perceive and treat yourself and how you perceive and treat others. Personal leadership involves the former; social and organizational leadership involves the latter. The two are interrelated.   Each of us has a unique, complex “thinking system” which has developed since birth. This complex system is believed to actually be a composite of

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Putting new wine into old wineskins

New Wine In Old Wineskins

A familiar parable is that of putting new wine in old wineskins. In biblical times new wine was stored in strong, new leather bottles. As the new wine fermented, the new leather was capable of expanding and remaining intact. On the other hand, if old leather bottles, which had been subject to decay, were used, the wineskins would often burst from the action of the fermenting wine. Thus both the

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Personal and Organizational Maturity

Caring leaders help others to think in terms of principles and measure their own actions based on these principles.   H. A Overstreet, author of The Mature Mind, wrote:  “One mark of maturity is the power to think in terms of principles and the willingness to have one’s own behavior measured by those principles.”   Our

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Punxsutawney Leadership

Big plans are already underway for next year’s festivities and celebration! Many believe that next February 2nd will not be a routine February 2nd. Why? It is 2/2/02! All those two’s certainly must signify that next February 2nd will be a very special occasion!   If you haven’t figured it out yet, here is a hint. It has to

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The Linkage Between Leadership and Ecosystems

In just about any book on management or leadership and you will eventually come across the term ecosystems. It may not sound very exciting but is essential in understanding the complexity of modern organizations!  The concept of ecosystems in an organization stems from a biological model. In nature, an ecological community coexists together within its environment.

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This Is Heart Science

Homer Hickam probably isn’t a name very many will recognize, but early in his life he knew what he loved and wanted for a career. He wanted to be a rocket scientist. Mr. Hickman is the author of many books including Rocket Boys, the memoir about his boyhood adventures building rockets and growing up in the mining town of Coalwood, West Virginia 1.  Rocket Boys

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aug 2005 editorial

WeLEAD Editorial: Are the Most Effective Mentors Oddballs?

  Peter Senge, MIT professor and author of The Fifth Discipline, said:  “No one in the past 30 years has had a more profound impact on thinking about leadership than Robert Greenleaf.”   Robert Greenleaf, author of the classic series of essays on the theme “the servant as leader,” was a powerful advocate of mentoring.  In The Power of Servant Lead

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