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How to Turn the Dysfunctional Workplace into an Environment Where People Actually Want to Work

We’ve all been there.  You walk into a bank, restaurant, or store and suddenly feel it, that vague sensation that all is not well.  It drips from the ceilings and sits in puddles on the floor.  The employees are lost in thought, unable to decide whether they’d rather be somewhere else or stay and kill each other.  And you’re the lucky one bathing in all the poison they can ladle up.   Yeesh. Read More >

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Watch Your Language: The truth about language, diversity, and customer service

If you employ workers whose first language isn’t English, you may have come to regard these individuals as your organization’s greatest resource.  They are hard working, appreciative, and utterly reliable.  Unfortunately, these same workers may also be your organization’s greatest vulnerability.  Employees whose English isn’t proficient may be unintentionally straining relationships with your customers.  Simply put, if customers can’t easily understand your employees, they will take their business elsewhere; to a place where they won’t have to work so hard to spend their money. Read More >

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Turn “Socializing” into “Networking”

Most professionals know they must network in order to achieve long-term business success.  I remember as far back as high school being told by my guidance counselor that I needed to “meet a lot of people and build a network.”  That was great advice back then and even better advice today. Read More >

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Change, Moral Courage and Doing Right by Your People

There is no doubt that for the past couple of years the economy has been a major source of concern, not only for individuals like you and me but also for business owners, broad industries and entire governments around the world. Suddenly banks were failing; real estate values were plummeting, housing foreclosures skyrocketed and unemployment rates nearly tripled. Job security was suddenly a thing of the past. For many, this instability came out of nowhere, on the heels of decades of growth and expansion. The effects of this collapse are still very much in evidence. Fear and anxiety are tangible realities. Read More >

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Questions Will Get You Where Answers Fail

The other day I was talking with someone about a start up idea.  He is a very successful sales person and wanted my view on the concept.  As we moved on with the discussion I realized that there were some strategic holes in his plan which I wanted to point out. What I had not realized, however, is that he had bought into the idea lock, stock, and barrel and only wanted to hear me echo his feelings. The same day my daughter was unsuccessfully trying to explain to her friend that unlike what she thought, their common friend’s behavior was not an affront. A few days earlier, I was telling my wife to give up the idea of trying to go to India in November when the chances of getting certain things done on time was practically impossible, but it was a completely futile exercise. Read More >

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Why Buyers Don’t Like Salespeople

If buyers could get by without salespeople, do you think they would?  It is an interesting question if you stop and consider the role of the salesperson. Of course, considering the role in an abstract way is one thing, but what about when you consider it from a personal perspective?  What happens as a salesperson when you put your emotions aside for a moment, relax, take a deep breath and honestly ask yourself, “What role do I play with my buyers?” Read More >

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Happiness at Work? Is it Possible? Yes, if You Know the Nuances of Happiness

Do you ever feel lethargic and lost at work? Do you ever feel vulnerable and powerless, like a tiny cog in a huge machine? Do you wish that you could be truly happy at work? Read More >

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How to Manage Conflict in the Work Place

Managing conflict in the work place can be tricky.  We have all seen various levels of conflict in our offices.  Sometimes the conflicts are resolved quite quickly, while in other circumstances, the conflict between employees can linger for years.  As managers and coworkers, how we approach and deal with the conflict between employees can have a significant impact on the office’s productivity.  This article will contain steps and ideas that can be used to identify and resolve conflict between employees.  This includes training and strategies related to the causes of conflict, the stages, and the appropriate ways to manage the situations.  This information is appropriate for anyone who has dealt with work place conflict whether as a manager, supervisor or coworker. Read More >

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How to Confront Without Conflict

Most people are reluctant to address problems they are having with an employee, co-worker or even their boss. Yet, pretending everything is fine certainly won’t improve the situation. Here is just one example of why this isn’t in the best interest of the employee or yourself. Read More >

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The Social Technology of Leadership

Leaders from around all types of fields are facing a new kind of challenge: coping with the various waves of disruptive, revolutionary change. One wave has to do with the rise of the Internet-based “new” business and its driving force, the process of digitization (Castells, 1998; Kelly 1998). Read More >

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