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Effective Cross Cultural Communications – The Leader’s Role

To communicate effectively, we must be thoughtful and look closely at the unique attributes, attitudes and behaviors of people before making predictions about them. In other words, we must listen and understand from where the other person is coming. Read More >

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How To Cascade Messages via Managers To Employees

One of the common mistakes people make when designing a change program is assuming that if a person is a team leader, supervisor or senior manager they should naturally know how to communicate face to face with their teams.  However communication skills are rarely one of the key competencies that is taught or measured by organizations.  There is however a very easy way to ensure that there is structure and content that make it very easy for managers at all levels to follow.

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How to Predict Behavior Like Abraham Lincoln Did

Abraham Lincoln had an uncanny ability to predict behavior.   For example, when Lincoln was President, he told one of his associates how every member of Congress would vote on a particular bill.   To make the point, he wrote down what their votes would be.   Sure enough, when the votes were tallied, Lincoln was on target for virtually every vote cast.   Read More >

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Expectations toward Excellence in a Repressed Environment

In my many interactions with business owners and senior managers over the years I would maintain that the single greatest challenge facing most of us tasked with the oversight of a business or organization is leadership and specifically, our understanding how to motivate our people. Getting them to do the things we want done, how we want them done and when we want them done is always a challenge. Read More >

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How to Accelerate Your Company's Product Line Growth and Stop the Continual Decline in Profitability

The management team cannot believe that their company’s profitability continues to decline at a consistent rate, quarter after quarter.  “How can this be?” says the Chief Marketing Officer.  “Five of our customers have named the company supplier of the year!  The crystal bowls and the plaques with our name on it are displayed in the front lobby.” Read More >

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Instilling Pride - A Key to Eliciting Excellence

Eliciting excellence in others is the essence of leadership, and one of the most effective means of eliciting excellence is to instill a sense of pride in those around us. Read More >

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Creating a Strategic Vision – Are You Making These 3 Mistakes Most Organizations Unknowingly Make?

Have you seen the effects of success blindness? It is a condition where success can be your greatest impediment to growth and succeeding in the future. Success hides many ills. It masks fundamental weaknesses in the business. And can lead to poor decisions – decisions that could end up fatal to your business. Read More >

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Personal and Organizational Maturity

Caring leaders help others to think in terms of principles and measure their own actions based on these principles. Read More >

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Training as a Path to Enterprise Excellence

I recently made the transition from a small service driven organization focused on staff training to a very large and diverse organization that seems to have forgotten about training. I find myself shocked on a daily basis when I see smart, hardworking people struggling to perform the tasks that make up their daily work life, in a broad organization that has not made the investment in training. Read More >

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40-Year Old Communication Myth Busted: Words, Not Body Language, are the Foundation of Successful Communication

Whoever spent time as a child on a school playground and been the victim of name calling knows the deflective phrase used to counter those slurs, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me,” isn’t enough to overcome the impact of those bullying communications to youthful, developing ears. Read More >

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