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Making Life’s Puzzle Pieces Fit Using The Twelve Principles of Personal Leadership - Book Review

Greg L. Thomas wrote this book deliberately to remind his readers of what principled-living is all about. I am reminded almost daily of the poor decisions made by others who unbelievably feel the correct way to treat others is through lying, cheating, corruption or deception. Read More >

Ken Altenbach Book Review

Stewardship - Choosing Service Over Self-Interest - Book Review

Business consultant Peter Block is no stranger to controversy. A number of his previous works explored the reaches of transformational management, including his bestselling book The Empowered Manager. In an even bolder way, Stewardship – Choosing Service over Self-Interest offers a dynamic new organizational structure for our young century. Block defines stewardship as “the means of achieving fundamental change in the way we govern our institutions.” He believes that stewardship is a choice “to preside over the orderly distribution of power.” This means giving individuals at the bottom of the organizational structure the choice on how to best serve their customers, citizens and community”. It also means accepting accountability at all levels. Block continues to define stewardship as being accountable to the larger organization by “operating in service, rather than in control, of those around us.” His philosophy is centered on a need and commitment to service rather than self-interest. Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review