Our mission is to help current and future leaders around the world better understand the concepts of Servant-Leadership and learning organizations, and to assist them in promoting personal learning and a learning culture within their organizations. 


        In order to accomplish our mission, weLEAD In Learning maintains a free web site (www.weLEADInLearning.org) containing articles addressing the learning organization, transformational thinking, visionary leadership, and servant-leadership topics.  A primary goal of the web site is to encourage college students to research and write on leadership topics. Students are encouraged to submit articles for consideration and blind review by the weLEAD In Learning editorial board.

To encourage additional research and learning, weLEAD In Learning maintains a bibliographic database and current links to other web sites of interest.

weLEAD In Learning also makes available a limited number of presentations each year without a speaker's fee to interested organizations. Presentations draw from the work of Peter Senge, Robert Greenleaf, Stephen Covey, Peter Block, and others.



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