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Leadership Thoughts from Lincoln on Leadership

Lincoln on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips has become a widely respected book in both the education and business environment.  Phillips writes a compelling book on the sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln, concerning his leadership principles. These principles are relevant to today’s leaders as Lincoln was known for truth, honesty, courage, and integrity.  The author captures the essence of his leadership and discusses the management technique of “Management by Walking Around” (MBWA). This book is a great read for anyone wanting to learn about leadership or wanting to become a more effective leader. For clarification purposes, the book is divided into four sections: People, Character, Endeavor, and Communication. Read More >

Adam A. Morris

Fall/Winter 2013
Eight Buddhist Methods for Leaders

What makes an effective leader and can an effective leader use Buddhist meditation techniques and teachings to enhance leadership skills?  Many Western people consider those who aspire to follow Buddhist philosophy as passive, quiet people who sit in the lotus position meditating all day.  There is actually a lot more to following Buddhist teachings than sitting on the meditation cushion.  Buddhism is a very active way of life, requiring a great deal of effort internally and externally from those wishing to be peaceful and happy.  Those who adopt Buddhist values are urged to develop renunciation, compassion, and superior wisdom through studying, meditating, and practicing.  Read More >

Linda Atkinson, Jerelyn L. Duncan

Fall/Winter 2013
Study of the Relationship between the Organizational Learning and Organizational Innovation at University of Tehran

The present study was conducted in to study of the relationship between the organizational learning and organizational innovation of experts at the University of Tehran. Read More >

Samad Saki, Hodjat Shakiba, and Moslem Savari