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A Volcano in the Break Room: Extinguished by an employee driven organization development plan

This is a short story about a small high tech company that in spite of some developing employee relations issues has been very successful. In order to protect the guilty, we will call this company Wacko Technology. Read More >

Michael and Daniel Hackett

Spring/Summer 2013
Citizen Use of Self-Directed Learning Strategies: Differences between Leaders and Non-Leaders

The nature of many societies is rooted in the notion that individuals have some commonalities, and that these commonalities, manifest through common values, create social structures of interaction, resulting in “communities.” Communities rely on individuals to interact for virtually every aspect of meeting life needs, and some of these individuals, by necessity, must assume leadership positions in different types of civic organizations (MacCallum, 1970). Some of the leadership opportunities are driven by formal structures, such as city and town councils or associations of business leaders, and others are conceived of and driven entirely by the social interests of community members. The current study addressed the question of how those in leadership positions in community organizations learned about their personal interests through self-directed learning practices. Read More >

Kenda S. Grover, Michael T. Miller

Spring/Summer 2013