Leadership Terms and Philosophies

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Management by Exception - A management concept that focuses on those actions or events that deviate from the acceptable standards. If personnel are performing as expected, no action is taken. Managers intervene only when employees fail to meet performance requirements.


Management by Objective - A management process where workers and supervisors jointly establish goals and occasionally meet to evaluate progress and achievement levels.

Middle Management - A management level comprised of those who hold administrative positions between top management and lower management levels.

Mismanagement - a failure to responsibly fulfill administrative duties either through neglect or malice. It can define a broad range of actions from poor performance to misappropriation of funds.

Mission Statement - A written proclamation that describes the purpose of the organization and outlines the types of activities to be performed for constituents and customers. It should also mention what unique value or services the organization offers as a byproduct of its work. Mission statements typically contain at least three components. First, a statement of the overall purpose or mission of the company. Secondly, a statement that indicates the values that employees are expected maintain and commit to in the decision-making process. Third, articulation of the major goals the management believes is essential to attain the mission. These goals should be consistent with the philosophical values that employees are expected to maintain.

Morale - The mental state or spirit of confidence possessed by a person or group in relation to a positive mental attitude.

Moral Obligation - The commitment to honor a value or principle because it is simply the right thing to do rather than because of a legal mandate.

Motivation - The inner emotional and mental drive that leads one to act in a certain way.