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weLEAD Leadership Series - Exclusive Interview with Mick Yates

Mick Yates is an innovative leadership researcher, teacher and author. With an extensive background in corporate management, Mick passionately advocates Innovation and Value Systems with a particular expertise in Asian culture. He has lived in Asia, Western Europe and the United States. This experience has given Mick a unique comprehension of both Western and Asian cultures. He is th

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jim hatherley

weLEAD Leadership Series: Exclusive Interview with Jim Hatherley

Interviewed by Greg Thomas Jim Hatherley has been a manager and leader for a Fortune 150 Company for over 25 years.  His inspiration to write "Daring To Be Different" actually came from employees who convinced him that managers, and their employees, could significantly benefit from understanding his approach to managing. Told that over 90% of management books

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