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Each Day is a Gift!

This morning I woke up about 5:45 AM. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I eventually got up and sat down in my favorite upholstered rocking chair. From the strategic position of this beloved chair I can look out our bedroom windows and see directly east. During much of the year the sunrise is obscured by the growth of deciduous trees that cover much of our property. However, during the la

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Making Life’s Puzzle Pieces Fit Using The Twelve Principles of Personal Leadership - Book Review

Greg L. Thomas wrote this book deliberately to remind his readers of what principled-living is all about. I am reminded almost daily of the poor decisions made by others who unbelievably feel the correct way to treat others is through lying, cheating, corruption or deception. This is done by many individuals simply to move ahead in this world. Living by honest and ethical p

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Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

One Leader's Perspective I was preparing to present a Sunday morning leadership seminar recently and someone from the audience came up to me and asked a thought-provoking question. He quizzed me by asking abruptly, “Where have all the leaders gone?” At first I was puzzled so I asked him if he could expand on his question. His reply was blunt. “Ye

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Stewardship - Choosing Service Over Self-Interest - Book Review

Business consultant Peter Block is no stranger to controversy. A number of his previous works explored the reaches of transformational management, including his bestselling book The Empowered Manager. In an even bolder way, Stewardship – Choosing Service over Self-Interest offers a dynamic new

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So What Do REAL Leaders Do?

Leaders provide their team with the tools, advice and encouragement to tackle and solve problems. People flourish when they feel respected and secure in their roles. People who feel they have permission to solve problems become more creative and are able to overcome insurmountable difficulties. Leaders are agents of change when old ideas no longer work and new ones are needed

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Where Have All the Followers Gone?

One Leader's Perspective In last month’s article entitled “Where Have All the Leaders Gone”, I discussed whether we really have a modern scarcity of leadership. My conclusion is that we don’t. Thankfully, leadership is still with us today in a vast array of organizations and families. It is not as prominent or recognized as in the past for many reasons. But there certainly is

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The Leaders Companion – Insights on Leadership Through the Ages - Book Review

Books on leadership now abound in bookstores and in our popular consciousness. Anyone who begins a serious study into this subject will soon come across familiar names such as John Gardner, JamesMacGregor Burns, Robert Greenleaf, Bernard Bass, Kenneth Blanchard, Terrence Deal, Warren Bennis, Max De Pree and others. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one book contained some of the mo

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If You Haven’t Got the Time To Do It Right, When Will You Find the Time To Do It Over? - Book Review

Occasionally a book comes along that is short, a pleasure to read and truly helpful. If You Haven’t Got the Time to Do It Right, When Will You Find the Time To Do It Over by Jeffrey J. Mayer is such a book. Mayer has spent much of his career as a time management consultant and he has written a basic primer for those interested

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Leadership Lessons From the Life of Thomas Jefferson

One Leader's Perspective The greatest complement I have ever read was directed toward Thomas Jefferson. President John F. Kennedy was speaking at a White House dinner given to honor Nobel Prize winners throughout the Western Hemisphere. Kennedy looked out over the distinguished guests and stated that they were “the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that ha

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What is Effective Modern Leadership?

As we enter the 21st century there is a growing awareness of the importance and need for leadership. A wide recognition of the critical need for leadership is so prevalent that many universities now offer graduate programs in its study. It appears that the study of leadership has come of age and is finally receiving its proper recognition. There are literally dozens of various definitions of l

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