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How to Groom the Leaders of the Future

For management writer Peter Drucker, leadership is having followers who "do the right thing". For political historian James MacGregor Burns, leadership is a "calling". For US president Abraham Lincoln, leadership is appealing to the "better angels of our nature". Leadership is also a matter of making a difference. It entails changing a failed strategy or revamping a languishing organisation. It

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College Students as Emerging Servant Leaders: A Collaboration between Columbus State University, Synovus, and Others

Our colleges and universities administer an “anti-leadership vaccine,” according to John Gardner (Greenleaf, 1969).  Robert Greenleaf, the father of servant leadership, agrees and adds that we have the misfortune to live in the age of the anti-leader. We’ve done a good job of educating cynics, critics and experts—the technical specialist who advises the leader or the intellectual who

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WeLEAD Editorial: Are the Most Effective Mentors Oddballs?

  Peter Senge, MIT professor and author of The Fifth Discipline, said:  “No one in the past 30 years has had a more profound impact on thinking about leadership than Robert Greenleaf.”   Robert Greenleaf, author of the classic series of essays on the theme “the servant as leader,” was a powerful advocate of mentoring.  In The Power of Servant Lead

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Thinking outside the box

The Gordian Knot - Thinking Outside the Box

One of the glaring flaws in the Oliver Stone movie, Alexander, was the omission of any reference to young Alexander and the Gordian Knot. For those not familiar with this classical episode in the legend of Alexander the Great, there existed in ancient Greece an immense tangle of tightly bound cord known as the Gordian Knot. The legend of the knot prophesized that whoever could unloosen the knot

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