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An Experiential Guide to Global Transition

Leaders are transitioning into the global arena at a greater frequency than ever before. This is the ideal time to address how to approach this transitioning. This article will briefly describe the utilization of cross-cultural transitioning as opposed to mere cross-border transitioning. Read More >

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Removing the Bitter Taste of Change-10 Ingredients for Organizational Transformation You Can Stomach

If you monitored the United States’ presidential election process or the corporate woes of Nokia and Research in Motion as they try to recover what were formerly massive stakes in the cellular phone market, then you realize that worthwhile change, even when planned, is neither simple nor easy; it is complex and difficult. Organizations struggling most with change, therefore, seem to be the ones that also struggle most with innovative thinking. Read More >

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Commanding Officers and Change

Any change to an organization can be disconcerting, but when new leaders come in it can be particularly unsettling.[1]  Many times it seems that whenever a new leader comes into an organization, they want to make changes. Whether we like it or not, it is human nature that some new leaders feel an urge to make their mark upon arrival. It is also human nature for the rest of the organization to resist or fear change. Read More >

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Leadership Through the Way of OZ

Think about Oz and the love you may have for the 1939 movie or the 1900 book portraying the story of the Wizard of Oz.  Or, you may have read one or more of the thirteen Oz sequels written by L. Frank Baum (1856-1919).  But, few realize that there are a set of lessons for developing leadership abilities based on the story’s content and the history, life, and times of the story’s creative and entrepreneurial author—a man who served in roles as actor, breeder of rare chickens, director, gardener, lyricist, merchant, movie producer, philatelist, photographer, playwright, printer and newspaper publisher, salesman, theater manager, window dresser, and, of course, celebrated author. Read More >

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Avoiding Office Politics: How to advance your career without bullying or boot-licking

Over the 20 years that I’ve been advising leaders and their teams on how to enhance customer service, I’ve found that with proper training, customer contact workers can quickly learn to enjoy dealing with external customers – even those who are stressed.   The main people who make their jobs stressful are their internal customers; their co-workers, subordinates, and supervisors.  Read More >

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Talent Acquisition is Back!

The job market is rebounding. Are you ready? Not everyone is…. If we were to take a hypothetical conversation between a hiring manager, whom we’ll call Dave, and his boss, we can imagine the conversation might go something like this: “Don’t worry. The candidate will wait for us to make our decision. We are the ones with the job and the job market is still tough” Three weeks later however, Dave would probably come back with something like “I really thought we had this hire – I mean, the position is a great opportunity and they wouldn’t have to relocate. Look, I’m sorry. I just didn’t think they would take the other job. I know it’s a loss – and to our competitor. I promise this will not happen again.” Read More >

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Leaders Can’t Be Trained

Despite the hundreds of books, programs and websites devoted to leadership, the truth is that leaders can’t be trained.  Leaders need to be developed.  Hopefully this doesn’t seem like a simple matter of semantics, because it isn’t. Read More >

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Standing Up as the First Step in Moving Our People Forward

Turmoil, stress and uncertainty would all describe the working experience of many of us over the past three or four years and even today as we are beginning to look forward to an improving economy, many millions of Americans remain out of work. Many millions more remain marginally employed and stuck in a world that does not give them the luxury of choice. A job, any job, remains a blessing and upward mobility remains a distant memory to many among us. Confidence remains tenuous in the American work place. As leaders, not only are we tasked with hitting our benchmarks and goals, we are also responsible for looking out for the welfare of our people. The current economy gives us the chance to do both. Read More >

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Inspire People to Change

Leaders not only challenge us but also inspire us to take action. Some leaders post quotes in their office as reminders to inspire themselves and others. Here are a few examples. Read More >

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3 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line by Tapping Your Most Valuable Asset, Your People

Two startling facts regarding issues absolutely impacting the bottom line of manufacturing companies in today’s challenging economy: Read More >

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