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Are You a Battery Charger?

When we drain power from a car battery it runs down. If we do this long enough, the battery will eventually become totally dead. In physics we call this “entropy”, which means that anything left to itself will eventually disintegrate until it reaches its most elemental form. Entropy happens when there is neglect. Neglect your body, and you will deteriorate. Neglect your car battery, and it will eventually die. Anything that is not attended to and renewed will deteriorate over time. That is why we have an alternator in our car. The alternator recharges the battery. It combats entropy. All things need caring for—and your employees are no exception. Nothing neglected will remain productive over time. Read More >

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blue screen of death 1

Avoiding You Own Personal “Blue Screen of Death”

It happened to me again the other day! I was writing a memo on my PC to the manufacturer’s representatives that I manage and it suddenly appeared. It has been happening to me for years but not quite as often as it used to. There I was typing away, allowing the words to eloquently flow like melting butter, and jolt…the “blue screen of death”. If you have ever worked on a computer that has a Microsoft Windows operating system, you know exactly what I mean. This terrifying blue screen can come with a number of startling messages. The two I have become intimately familiar with over the years proclaim inspiring statements like, “a fatal exception OE has occurred. The current application will be terminated.” Why does it have to always be fatal? Why can’t it just sometimes say, “Excuse me, we have a minor problem here?” Read More >

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Transitioning From Propeller-head to a Department-head

I remember my first project as a newly promoted project manager.  While I had received academic training in business administration and economics, I had begun my career among the technical ranks.  My promotion to project manager was largely due to my ability to code programs in CICS assembler, Cobol, and at the time the newly emerging programming languages called “4GLs”.  What I soon found out was that technical roles do little to prepare a person to advance into a management level position. I was not yet aware of the leadership required interacting with a team.  In many ways a technical person is even hindered from making such a transition.  Read More >

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Leader – Look in the Mirror – Recalibrate Your Perspective

Leadership is a wonderful opportunity.  You have your hands on the controls of your organization.  If you don’t like what is going on, then look in the mirror.  You are setting the standard on what is expected, what is acceptable, and what is possible.  If you ask for it, you can get valuable feedback from your employees, customers, and owners that just might change your perspective. Read More >

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Punxsutawney Leadership

Big plans are already underway for next year’s festivities and celebration! Many believe that next February 2nd will not be a routine February 2nd. Why? It is 2/2/02! All those two’s certainly must signify that next February 2nd will be a very special occasion! Read More >

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Sometimes The Only Risk is Not Taking One - One Leader's Perspective


It was a warm summer day in the 1930’s and one of the greatest American baseball players of all time was at bat. The quiet, gentle man was Lou Gehrig, one of the best hitters ever to wear the uniform of the New York Yankees. His durability as a first baseman and consistent hitter earned him the nickname of the “Iron Horse”. During this day Gehrig would do something totally out of character. As the first pitch came at him, he swung and missed. “Strike One” bellowed the umpire. Then came the next pitch.

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From Hierarchy to Spider Plants: Your Organization Is Changing and So Should Your Design

My grandmother is a gardening guru. Ever since I can remember, she has always been able to grow and cultivate any type of plant. It’s really quite amazing. I will never forget the day she was able to get a rose bush to grow in hot Florida. If you know anything about the dirt in Florida, it is not a conducive environment for rose bushes. However, here she is with a blooming rose bush in the front of her yard. This achievement was not without a string of challenges. After all, she was trying to get a rose bush to grow and thrive in South Florida. The plant went through all kinds of changes, but my grandmother knew if she kept trying and gave it enough thought she would figure out what was needed in order to make it work. Eventually she was successful. She merely had to create the right environment for the plant to grow and prosper. Twenty years later, the roses are still there. Read More >

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Is Your Company’s Structure Aligned With Your Strategy?

As a leader of your company, you may have developed strategies, but is your company’s organizational structure aligned in a way that such strategies can be fully achieved? Tom Landry, former Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys stated, “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” The “main thing” mentioned by Landry requires more effort than merely developing a strategy. Read More >

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Creating A Teamwork Culture – Part 1

Success factors in business can be divided into two major categories:  those that deal with things and those that deal with people.  Although many organizations spend millions of dollars on capital equipment, human capital has the highest potential of value for the organization.  Teamwork and the role it plays in dealing with people within an organization is a top priority for many leaders.  This thesis will explore the positive and negative effects of teams, the value of teams in various venues, and both positive and negative issues that can influence adaptation of teamwork culture.  Read More >

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aug 2005 editorial

WeLEAD Editorial: Are the Most Effective Mentors Oddballs?


Peter Senge, MIT professor and author of The Fifth Discipline, said:

 “No one in the past 30 years has had a more profound impact on thinking about leadership than Robert Greenleaf.” 

 Robert Greenleaf, author of the classic series of essays on the theme “the servant as leader,” was a powerful advocate of mentoring.  In The Power of Servant Leadership, edited by Larry Spears, Robert Greenleaf proposed that there are psychic rewards to be gained by oldsters who take the time and trouble to mentor the young to become servant-leaders.

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