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The Competent (Coaching) Leader

“There is no substitute for competence. ~ Ayn Rand”


Leadership quality continues to be questionable based upon the demonstration of competence or the lack thereof.[1] The fact that a person is in a leadership position does not mean he or she is an effective leader. Research however, has established that competency-based human resources can be developed to acquire critical competencies required for outstanding performance and establish credibility as an expertly, competent leader. Cultivation of critical competencies in the field of leadership requires opportunity, capability and commitment.[2] The competent leader is described as one who embraces the leadership role and possesses or cultivates the knowledge, skills and competencies (KSCs) relevant to the leadership position. This individual also, decisively commits to utilize acquired competencies in his or her leader role. Read More >

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A bit of splashing would surely make drowning easier to identify, but sadly, drowning tends to be a silent assassin. As retired Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician Mario Vittone (2013) shares, “Sometimes the most common indication that someone is drowning is that they don’t look like they’re drowning.” The same could be said for massive organizations who collapse like an avalanche, hiding their danger until one additional stress unleashes destruction. But, such collapses also tend to be masked – and they tend to be masked in the same way that drowning conceals itself. Read More >

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