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The Social Technology of Leadership

Leaders from around all types of fields are facing a new kind of challenge: coping with the various waves of disruptive, revolutionary change. One wave has to do with the rise of the Internet-based “new” business and its driving force, the process of digitization (Castells, 1998; Kelly 1998). Read More >

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The Charismatic Leader – Diamond Performance

In an interview, comedian Joan Rivers was asked how she stayed so thin and trim and the interviewer said, “Do you do a lot of exercising?” “Oh, my Lord no,” said Rivers. “If God had intended me to bend over, He would have put diamonds on the ground.” Read More >

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What if Servant Leadership Wasn’t Called Servant Leadership?

What if servant leadership had not been initially labeled servant leadership?  How many times has this been pondered as this value-laden leadership concept evolved?  And why does the name itself present an impediment for implementation, empirical researching, and overall comprehension?  Read More >

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10 Ways to Realize Hidden Opportunities

 ”Great moments are born from great opportunities,” said the late Herb Brooks, one of the world’s most famous hockey coaches.  Read More >

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The Three Driving Forces of Change

It’s mind boggling, to say the least. If you took all the accumulated knowledge in the history of the world and put it into a pile, you’d have an enormous pile. But 3 years later, you could put another pile of the same size next to the first one, and it would consist of all the new knowledge that has accumulated in just those 3 years.

Read More >

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Developing People - A Key to Eliciting Excellence

There is tremendous opportunity and satisfaction as a leader in developing others.  By effectively developing the people around us, we elicit excellence in a number of impactful and far-reaching ways.  Developing others is an important function of effective leadership. Read More >

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Making Life’s Puzzle Pieces Fit Using The Twelve Principles of Personal Leadership - Book Review

Greg L. Thomas wrote this book deliberately to remind his readers of what principled-living is all about. I am reminded almost daily of the poor decisions made by others who unbelievably feel the correct way to treat others is through lying, cheating, corruption or deception. Read More >

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Is Your Management Causing Employee Issues and Slow Business Growth?

Could your management team be creating unnecessary employee issues that are leading to:

-Low employee engagement
-Low employee morale
-Poor productivity Read More >

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Complacency as a Crisis of Leadership: "Sapient Ramblings"

Very likely the result of my military background, I confess to being very demanding of the leadership structure within a business or organization. Part of this is because I have seen and experienced the incredible things we can accomplish with just the slightest smattering of leadership and part because I have seen and experienced the disastrous effect of our being unwilling to lead. Read More >

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Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

One Leader’s Perspective

I was preparing to present a Sunday morning leadership seminar recently and someone from the audience came up to me and asked a thought-provoking question. He quizzed me by asking abruptly, “Where have all the leaders gone?” At first I was puzzled so I asked him if he could expand on his question. Read More >

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