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3 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line by Tapping Your Most Valuable Asset, Your People

Two startling facts regarding issues absolutely impacting the bottom line of manufacturing companies in today’s challenging economy: Read More >

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3 Reasons Under-Performing Employees In Your Company Are Not At Fault

In today’s economy business leaders can’t afford to accept under-performing personnel in their companies. Yet, in a recent survey 44% of them reported being unhappy with the performance results of their employees. Read More >

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Are You Trying To Make Pigs Fly (or Expecting Employees to Do Things They’re Not Cut Out to Do)?

A common complaint is about employees who repeatedly fail to follow through on specifically requested tasks. The reason for the lack of follow through is often something like “not enough time, couldn’t get to it.”  I cringe when I hear business leaders admit they begrudgingly continue to “accept” this excuse. (Accept is in quotations because they don’t  really accept it, they became frustrated with it and want it to change as the status quo is unacceptable and negatively impacts on business results.) Read More >

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40-Year Old Communication Myth Busted: Words, Not Body Language, are the Foundation of Successful Communication

Whoever spent time as a child on a school playground and been the victim of name calling knows the deflective phrase used to counter those slurs, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me,” isn’t enough to overcome the impact of those bullying communications to youthful, developing ears. Read More >

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