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Leaders Can’t Be Trained

Despite the hundreds of books, programs and websites devoted to leadership, the truth is that leaders can’t be trained.  Leaders need to be developed.  Hopefully this doesn’t seem like a simple matter of semantics, because it isn’t. Read More >

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The Art of Asking Questions

Mastering the Art of Asking Questions is essential if you want to succeed.  It’s not simply a matter of getting in the habit of utilizing questions in your interactions with people.  It’s really about learning how to ask the right questions at the right time. Read More >

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Instilling Pride - A Key to Eliciting Excellence

Eliciting excellence in others is the essence of leadership, and one of the most effective means of eliciting excellence is to instill a sense of pride in those around us. Read More >

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Developing People - A Key to Eliciting Excellence

There is tremendous opportunity and satisfaction as a leader in developing others.  By effectively developing the people around us, we elicit excellence in a number of impactful and far-reaching ways.  Developing others is an important function of effective leadership. Read More >

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