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Avoiding Office Politics: How to advance your career without bullying or boot-licking

Over the 20 years that I’ve been advising leaders and their teams on how to enhance customer service, I’ve found that with proper training, customer contact workers can quickly learn to enjoy dealing with external customers – even those who are stressed.   The main people who make their jobs stressful are their internal customers; their co-workers, subordinates, and supervisors.  Read More >

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Watch Your Language: The truth about language, diversity, and customer service

If you employ workers whose first language isn’t English, you may have come to regard these individuals as your organization’s greatest resource.  They are hard working, appreciative, and utterly reliable.  Unfortunately, these same workers may also be your organization’s greatest vulnerability.  Employees whose English isn’t proficient may be unintentionally straining relationships with your customers.  Simply put, if customers can’t easily understand your employees, they will take their business elsewhere; to a place where they won’t have to work so hard to spend their money. Read More >

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