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NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success - Book Review

In the forward of this book Tom Peters says, “If you take time to read only one business book this year, I strongly encourage you to read NUTS!”  We wholeheartedly agree! Between the covers of this entertaining book Kevin and Jackie Freiberg have captured the essence of the “Southwest Spirit” that has

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Leadership Unbound: A Primer for Leaders and Entrepreneurs - Book Review

  Leadership Unbound is a unusual book because of its format and the diversity of its two authors. Larry Corbett is a pastor and religious leader with experience serving in 6 congregations. His experience working in a nonprofit organization gives him a distinctive perspective of leadership. Jerre Stead

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Leading Change - Book Review

Leading Change- Overcoming the Ideology of Comfort and the Tyranny of CustomJossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1995 (282 pages in hardback)Author James O’TooleISBN 1-55542-608-5   Author James O’Toole is definitely not afraid of creating controversy. His book is a refreshing approach to leadership in many ways. Stylistically and ph

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The Future of Leadership - Book Review

The Future of Leadership-A Book Review Today's Top Leadership Thinkers Speak to Tomorrow's Leaders Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 2001, (316 pages in hardback) Edited by Warren Bennis, Thomas Cummings, and Gretchen Spreitzer ISBN 0787955671   This interesting work is a collection of essays by s

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