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Making Life’s Puzzle Pieces Fit Using The Twelve Principles of Personal Leadership - Book Review

Greg L. Thomas wrote this book deliberately to remind his readers of what principled-living is all about. I am reminded almost daily of the poor decisions made by others who unbelievably feel the correct way to treat others is through lying, cheating, corruption or deception. Read More >

Ken Altenbach Book Review

Stewardship - Choosing Service Over Self-Interest - Book Review

Business consultant Peter Block is no stranger to controversy. A number of his previous works explored the reaches of transformational management, including his bestselling book The Empowered Manager. In an even bolder way, Stewardship – Choosing Service over Self-Interest offers a dynamic new organizational structure for our young century. Block defines stewardship as “the means of achieving fundamental change in the way we govern our institutions.” He believes that stewardship is a choice “to preside over the orderly distribution of power.” This means giving individuals at the bottom of the organizational structure the choice on how to best serve their customers, citizens and community”. It also means accepting accountability at all levels. Block continues to define stewardship as being accountable to the larger organization by “operating in service, rather than in control, of those around us.” His philosophy is centered on a need and commitment to service rather than self-interest. Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review

The Leaders Companion – Insights on Leadership Through the Ages - Book Review

Books on leadership now abound in bookstores and in our popular consciousness. Anyone who begins a serious study into this subject will soon come across familiar names such as John Gardner, JamesMacGregor Burns, Robert Greenleaf, Bernard Bass, Kenneth Blanchard, Terrence Deal, Warren Bennis, Max De Pree and others. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one book contained some of the most insightful writings and thoughts of these individuals? The Leaders Companion – Insights on Leadership Through the Ages is such a book and should be on every leader’s bookshelf! Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review

If You Haven’t Got the Time To Do It Right, When Will You Find the Time To Do It Over? - Book Review

Occasionally a book comes along that is short, a pleasure to read and truly helpful. If You Haven’t Got the Time to Do It Right, When Will You Find the Time To Do It Over by Jeffrey J. Mayer is such a book. Mayer has spent much of his career as a time management consultant and he has written a basic primer for those interested in organizing their lives to a greater degree. Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review

The Power Principle – Influence with Honor - Book Review

Author Dr. Blaine Lee is an associate of Stephen R. Covey and vice president of Franklin Covey Company. If you appreciate Dr. Covey’s books including Principle-Centered Leadership or The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you will want this book! Blaine Lee discusses what he terms the power principle, which has the potential to significantly impact all of our relationships in and out of the workplace. Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review

NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success - Book Review

In the forward of this book Tom Peters says, “If you take time to read only one business book this year, I strongly encourage you to read NUTS!  We wholeheartedly agree! Between the covers of this entertaining book Kevin and Jackie Freiberg have captured the essence of the “Southwest Spirit” that has made Southwest Airlines one of the top companies in America. Although Southwest served over 90 million bags of peanuts in 1999, there is nothing “nuts” about the way they run their company. Southwest topped the list of Fortune magazine’s Best Companies To Work For in 1998, and since then has been in one of the top four slots every year. Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review

Enlightened Leadership - Getting to the Heart of Change - Book Review

Ed Oakly and Doug Krug provide an understandable and clear definition of what they term “Enlightened Leadership.” This type of leadership approach attempts to deal with real underlying problems within organizations rather than their symptoms. It is founded on an approach that leaders must first or concurrently deal with the “mindset” or spirit of their people as well as changing processes or structures. Without positively dealing with attitudes and thinking styles among the organization all efforts of changing structures, systems or processes will meet great resistance and potential failure.

Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review

Leadership in Organizations, 4th Edition - Book Review

Author Gary Yukl uses his expertise and credibility to write an outstanding book focusing on managerial leadership rather than social or parliamentary leadership. He attempts to include information on both the theory and practice of leadership in modern organizations. Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review

Certain Trumpets - The Call of Leaders - Book Review


Author Garry Wills has a keen sense of the importance of followers to leadership. In the introduction to the book he states plainly “The leader most needs followers”. He goes on to explain that in reality followers “have a say” in what they are led toward! The theme of Certain Trumpets is that a successful leader doesn’t just trumpet or sound their own certain message, but instead they sound a specific call to others capable of following. Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review

Good Company: Caring as Fiercely as You Compete - Book Review


 Good Company, written by authors Hal Rosenbluth & Diane McFerrin Peters, is an easy to read primer on discovering the basics of a successful modern business. Rosenbluth & Peters begin by dogmatically proclaiming that “companies not only can positively influence lives, they have an obligation to do so.” Both Rosenbluth and Peters have been closely associated with Rosenbluth International. This organization has been a world leader in travel management. Anyone familiar with the digital economy knows that travel management has recently undergone a revolution in how it conducts business and generates revenue. Read More >

Greg L.Thomas Book Review